Foods sold in the local street markets in South East Asia has not only become respected cuisines in the global culinary arena, but can be credited for bridging the gap between people who would normally have no commonalities. The young and old as well as the rich and poor all come together to share in these favorites found in all corners of the cities. These comfort foods transcend all social barriers and bridge the gap between all people through the love of food.

Sovereign bridges the gap from the streets of South East Asia to the Streets of San Diego, bringing you combinations of various Thai and Vietnamese comfort foods. Sovereign takes traditional dishes from Thailand and Vietnam like Pad Thai and Pho Noodles and adds a touch of luxury and elegance without ever compromising on authenticity. At Sovereign, you will taste the highest quality ingredients while experiencing comfort through food you never thought was possible.

Sovereign, introduces “Modern Southeast Asian” to San Diego, sharing influences from neighboring countries to create a unique New Asian palate. Nobody is on the edge of innovative culinary concepts like Sovereign, blending the best of Thai and Vietnamese ingredients to invigorate a modern approach to Asian Cuisine.

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Sovereign Kitchen

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